8 mintue dating

Really only you can decide what you do, we can only suggest and advise.

Between last thread and this it seems more and more likely that he's not really the one to keep your energy involved in.

Still answer the phone and be nice, but don't make the plans with him..forget about him completely, don't pic up the phone and move on?

I know he will call because he never said he would call and doesn;t, but the whole...cancelling plans pissed me off.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... I have been seeing this guy for a week, and he's been acting..strange..since we hung out the second time. He does call, but only to tell me that his friend is making him go to Vermont tonight. He didn't make plans to hang out tomorrow, you know, like, "But lets make it a point to hang out on Saturday" All he said was, "I will call you when I get off work". I asked the guys I work with what I should do, lol..they told me a bunch of different things. We made plans and he decided to go with his friend last minute.2) Pretend like I don't care, and forget about it. Because I do like him when we hang out, but lately he's been ....distant on the phone. let him go and find yourself someone who will appreciate you more. If however its just he's friend wants to go to Vermont.. He's an idiot and you don't need to waste time on him. Patience, the truth has a way of showing itself to you given a little time.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Just don't forget to be yourself and live your own life in the mean time... Patience, the truth has a way of showing itself to you given a little time.

One of the most "musical" things I've ever written.

was a departure from my regular method of writing plays because it came from a series of improvs I did with my actor friend, Jeff P. We kind of decided on a couple of "what ifs" about the characters and the story beforehand, and then we rolled the video tape while we improvised a "play." Some really great stuff came out of that spontaneous work.

You'll be able to decide what to do next with this guy based on his reaction. Unfortunately, I've found from personal experiences if in the beginning of getting to know someone new they can be that unthoughtful when they should be on their "best" behavior and wanting to impress you, if you continue to get to know them, be prepared for their "unthoughtfulness" to only multiply. I wouldn't hold a male friend to any different standards than I would a girlfriend.That said if you feel that he is and therefor are going to continue to answer his calls then...I suggest you tell him politely that you had made plans based on being with him and resent the last minute change, that if he can't make a reliable plan you will make your own plans and he can call and if you happen to be free you will join him. Never make someone a priority in your life when they see you only as an option.Answer the phone if he calls and see where the conversation goes.If he asks you to "hang out" again, be calm; but firm and say something along the lines of...

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